Public Outdoor Creations

Custom design fixtures in Meppel

Based on the design by buro MA.AN from Rotterdam, Public Outdoor Creations delivered custom design fixtures for the revamped centre of Meppel. The tree tubs and planters are made of steel and feature a special anti-graffiti coating. Each of the different fixtures has a unique shape. The design contributes to the greening of Meppel’s public spaces and gives the city centre area a distinctive look and feel.

A new outdoor environment for the Seelig Barracks

Following an extensive renovation, the De Rooi Pannen Combined School moved into the former Seelig Barracks building in Breda. Public Outdoor Creations was asked to design the outdoor environment. This project included the delivery of concrete strips with seating, tree tubs and accompanying greenery. The outdoor environment is now a pleasant place for students and teachers to spend time.

City2Connect in Vaassen

The centre of Vaassen is currently being redesigned. Public Outdoor Creations was commissioned to supply the street furniture. These products come from the City2Connect collection ( Benches, bicycle racks, bollards and waste bins were delivered as part of this project. The high-quality look, timeless character and sustainability of the materials were decisive factors in the Municipality of Epe’s decision to choose City2Connect.

The Longest Bench in London

We recently delivered and installed a 30-metre-long custom-built bench in central London. The wood was specially cut for this bench using a 3D CNC router. The frame was made from treated stainless steel and fitted with anti-skate strips. The contractor is now putting the finishing touches on the project, including planting.